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Waste management

Cost for one afternoon of litter collection, 5 women $150
Annual budget for waste management $7,200



1 Visit of Health Instructors from mainland $1,500
Public toilet and water collection system at Clinic $3,000

Public toilets for Aldea Village,

15 Twin pit ventilated latrines per Twin Pit $1,000
Per village $15,000

Public toilets for Olanze Village

15 Twin pit ventilated latrines per Twin Pit $1,000
Per village $15,000

Public toilets for Kivuri Village

15 Twin pit ventilated latrines per Twin Pit $1,000
Per village $15,000
Medicine stock in Clinic, Monthly $500
Lodge nurse to work in village nursery Monthly $250


Scholarship and Education

Sponsorship of 1 girl, monthly $75
School materials – pens, paper, scissors, black board paint, chalk etc $100

Books for village school - any donation welcome in Portuguese, Swahili or English!

Library Project: install a library for village school $2,000

Environmental education and Wildlife Club: we run a course for children to learn about their environment, sustainable fishing practice and would like to enable snorkel trips – most children can not swim. We offer food and other incentives for Quizzes and competitions.

To support one Wildlife Club day for 30-50 children $100
Maintaining a laptop with animated education videos, yearly $250
Projector for public screenings, including solar panel $650

‘The Salimo Fund’

Education for children to learn to swim, snorkel and potentially train as a dive instructor at the Vamizi Dive Centre monthly contribution $150


Community Car

New car $15,000
Annual maintenance, replacement tires, break down repairs $3,500
Petrol for 1 year $3000


Identity Building

Football kit for 1 child $15
Sponsor food for 1 Sunday Match $200
Sponsor 1 lady for the volleyball team $60


Vamizi Fishing Association

Solar panel for electricity to charge 1-way radios for patrol boat $500
Life jacket $100
1-way radio $600
Engine and boat to patrol the sanctuary $4,800
Marker BUOYS per buoy $20


Training for Community staff

1 education week for community worker in Mozambique, inc. Transport $2,000
Invite NGO from mainland to visit and implement, from $3,000


Afforestation program

1 tree sapling, including water and organic fertiliser for 1 year $45
1 fruit tree sapling, inc water, organic fertiliser for 1 year $55
Rainwater collection system $1,500
Tool set for tree planting $25


Vamizi Music Project

We would love to produce more songs with Vamizi nature sounds and the voices of our local children and budding singers, like our ‘Karibu Vamizi’ Song. If you are passionate about Music, we would be grateful for a donation to eventually reach a whole album. It could help us raise lots of funds for our community projects.
Any amount welcome. To produce 1 song is approximately $2,500