Friends of vamizi trust

Friends of Vamizi Trust

Founded in 2012 as a UK registered not for profit charity, The Friends of Vamizi Trust was created to raise awareness of marine conservation in the Quirimbas Archipelago. We highlight the importance of Vamizi Island’s marine conservation issues and demonstrate its relevance in daily life for the local population.

As a coral island with very little soil and no fresh water, fishing has become the mainstay of the population of Vamizi.  Coupled with an influx of people seeking refuge on the island during the civil war (1977-1992) and increased numbers of seasonal migrant fishermen who come to Vamizi’s sheltered and abundant waters, fishing is putting enormous pressure on the reef.

The challenge of successful conservation - especially on an island - depends largely on honing efficiency. Our project programs must reflect the task of ‘How to sustainably maximise the island’s terrain, while benefitting the largest possible number of people’ and subsequently ‘How to guide and support the residents towards their goal’.