Turtles in vamizi

Friends of Vamizi

Vamizi is a ‘Hope Spot’, a term given to a part of the world that is critical to the world’s health and its ecosystem.   Any positive effort we succeed with here has an exponential knock-on effect for the world as a whole.
A slender coral island just off Mozambique's remote northern coast, Vamizi Island is part of the Quirimbas Archipelago.
Vamizi and the surrounding islands represent one of the world’s most important regions of bio-diversity and a sanctuary for some of the most significant and threatened wildlife habitats in the western Indian Ocean. Over 180 different species of coral and more than 300 species of reef fish have been recorded.
Established in 2002, The Friends of Vamizi have taken carefully adapted measures to protect Vamizi’s ocean, coral reef and marine life. By combining wildlife conservation with community development and tourism we aim to protect this unspoilt area. 


The Friends of Vamizi rely on their Vamizi Marine Conservation Research Center as well as the Friends of Vamizi Trust to highlight and pass on necessary knowledge to strengthen the Vamizi environment and its communities. We utilize and offer many different channels, be it education for islanders or guests, social media, conducting and sharing research, connecting with other NGOs or our upcoming feature film project.