Cradle of coral

‘Cradle of Coral’ Awareness Project

The documentary ‘Vamizi – Cradle of Coral’ was initiated to help promote local and, in particular, national awareness of the unique biodiversity and beauty of the marine environment of the northern Quirimbas. It will also be used to promote awareness of the area at an international level.

Mattias Klum is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. He brings a unique artistic vision to his portrayal of animals, plants, and natural and cultural settings. Klum has been named WWF ambassador, IUCN ambassador and National Geographic Fellow. In 2013 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree in Natural Science by Stockholm University.

Maryanne Culpepper is an award-winning producer/writer at National Geographic Television where she served as Head of Development and later, President.

Together they are creating a feature length film which looks at Vamizi’s fragile eco-system and the efforts being made to save it. The film will reveal an amazing place few have ever seen – a place in danger of vanishing forever. Prepare to step through the looking glass...

View the trailer: