Wellness on Vamizi with Tasmin Lutge

Posted on July 29, 2015

Yoga and meditation have been a part of my life from a very early age when I started to attend classes and practice yoga with my parents as a child. I began to take my yoga practice more seriously from age 16 when it helped me to overcome feelings of anxiety. I have always been very creative and enjoy painting, drawing and making jewellery. My dream was to have my own wellness business, working in a holistic way to empower and encourage my clients to lead a healthy and balanced life. After leaving school, I studied Health and Skincare for three years at the Beauty Therapy Institute in Cape Town. I have been studying yoga with Viktor van der Kleij, my mentor and teacher, for the past eight years and completed my advanced teachers training course at the MIA Ashram.


Over the years have explored many techniques such as Ishta, Ashtanga and Iyenga yoga. Recently I have been exploring a special massage and healing technique called Liquid Body Massage with Elaine Hackner at the Healing Art Studio in Cape Town – this has helped take my treatments to a new level by developing a greater sensitivity to a person’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. The combination of beauty and yoga training teaches you about the body, posture and anatomy, but also takes you into the spiritual side of yoga, meditation. I now have my own wellness business based on my family farm in Scarborough, South Africa, and come to Vamizi on a regular basis as a yoga instructor and wellness therapist, encouraging beauty and energy to flow from the inside out. I believe in a heartfelt approach to wellness; always using products that are handmade from organic ingredients, encouraging healthy eating, yoga and exercise to nourish the body, and indulging in treatments to experience self love and blissful relaxation.


Here are a few of the treatments that I offer on Vamizi:

Yoga - To me, yoga is about getting to know the self and the core of your being. I love seeing the process of my clients seeing a change within themselves as they develop a regular yoga practice. My advice is never to be intimidated by a posture or “asana”. Yoga is not about what you can or can’t do but about looking into yourself and bringing awareness to everything you do in life. Through yoga, you can change your perception on how to live. It helps you to become aware of your body and be more conscious of your health. Yoga is also wonderful for children as it can help to improve concentration, awareness and sensitivity. It also helps encourage good posture and balanced physical development.

Meditation – For beginners, guided meditation can help take you on a journey to let go of the mind, create stillness and a feeling of calm. You can use your breath to focus, becoming conscious of every inhalation, every exhalation. You can also focus on the sensations in your body, through every limb and organ. Meditation is an essential way to check in with yourself and should be a part of everyday life. The best time to meditate is when you do not feel obligated to do anything – like in the early morning or late evening – so that you can have time alone with no other distractions.

Liquid Body Massage – This is a special massage technique encompassing cranio-sacral, Thai massage and yoga in one treatment. In my treatments, I also use aromatherapy oils to enhance relaxation. By finding motion and movement within the joints, you can work deeper into the muscles and improve alignment. This is a treatment I would recommend for everyone, but is particularly beneficial for those with back and neck issues. Treatments are typically 60 minutes, or 90 minutes to include stomach and face.

Aromatherapy Massage – I use essential oils mixed specifically for the client’s needs based on our initial consultation. This might be to tackle stress, muscular tension or improve circulation, for example. I work with pressure points in the body to stimulate energy flow and release blocks or tension in the system. I often incorporate reflexology techniques as well. I source organic essential oils and locally produced base oils such as coconut and grapeseed.

Swedish / Deep Tissue – This is a great treatment for anyone who holds a lot of tension in their muscles or does a lot of exercise. I work with specific pressure and the client’s breathing to dissolve built up tension. Heating oils such as pepper and ginger, as well as arnica and a technique using full arms, combine to give a deeply relaxing massage.

Reflexology – Awakening the whole body through the feet, reflexology can be used to access the internal organs and identify the inner source of tension. It also stimulates the reproductive and digestive organs. The build up of crystals in the feet can be broken down with specific finger pressure and motion, and the build up of calluses or tension can also indicate misalignment and health problems in the body. During a reflexology treatment, the client may feel a tingling sensation in the internal organ related to the area you are working on. Afterwards you will often feel the release of toxins through urination or phlegm in the nose and throat.

Detox / Lymph drain – This treatment is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system through gentle motions. It can help to move the system up to 4x faster. This is particularly beneficial from sufferers of acne, cellulite and liver problems. The first treatment will tend to be quite short to start moving the lymphatic system, and gradually will build up to as much as 2 hours. I would typically recommend two sessions per week. After treatment, gentle exercise such as yoga or walking, and deep breathing exercise will help to prolong the detoxifying effect.

Exfoliating massage ritual – I use a home-made exfoliator containing freshly ground peper, organic salt or sugar and coconut oil, plus an essential oil depending on the individual. Citrus oils such as grapefruit help to stimulate the lymph and detox the body; Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac which opens the heart and feelings of love. I combine the exfoliation with massage techniques to help the skin absorb the oils and relax the muscles. The skin feels like heaven after a treatment!

Beauty Treatments – I don’t use any toxic ingredients for facial treatments – only locally sourced, organic oils to help the skin work naturally and look its best. Manicures and pedicures are a nourishing experience, getting rid of dead skin and stimulating blood flow with reflexology techniques. As we get older, our feet can often get neglected and we experience circulation and other problems. Looking after our feet and hands reflects the health of the rest of the body; these treatments are a great way to feel rejuvenated from head to toe!

EarthSong Products - The beauty products I use are handmade with love and intention by Margie Jarvis for EarthSong. She started to create this range of products to help her daughter who suffered from acne and for a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer, linked to using toxic skincare products. EarthSong products are the same molecular size as the skin so they are easily absorbed and do not clog the pores. They use natural ingredients such as jojoba, baobab, apricot kernel, rosehip – all locally sourced and carefully balanced to stimulate the skin’s own biological healing process. I am the only beauty therapist currently using Earthsong products commercially and have never worked with such beautiful, natural and safe treatments for the skin.