Welcome to Island Life

Posted on January 03, 2015

Welcome to Vamizi Private Island and our ‘Island Life’ blog, here you will find daily updates from the island, we will explore what ‘barefoot luxury’ actually is. We will explore the activities on the island, the coral, the fish and underwater world of what has been named, ‘One of the Top 10 Dive Sites in the World’. On the land we will keep upto date with our conservation team and follow the turtles laying eggs and hatching, we will follow our new Shark Tagging programme and see how many coconut crabs we can spot throughout our Island Life posts. 

For those lucky enough to visit the island this is a place you can revisit to keep the dream alive, for those who have not yet visited the island, this will fuel your dreams, inspire you and open your eyes to the perfect castaway island.

Winning Conde Nast’s 2014 award as ‘Best Healthy Hideaway’ we will make sure to check in with our beauty therapist and yoga instructor regularly to find out what is the treatment of the month, our new favourite yoga spot and if we are lucky maybe even a class video for us to practise at home.

Vamizi and the surrounding islands represent one of the world’s most important regions of bio-diversity and a sanctuary for some of the most significant and threatened wildlife habitats in the western Indian Ocean. Over 180 different species of coral and more than 400 species of reef fish have been recorded. Throughout our island life we will check in with Stephen at the islands dive centre to find out what has been caught and released, the new species discovered or how many dolphins our guests were lucky enough to swim with.

Many projects are running on the island, working alongside the local community to create a better quality of life, already we have build a school and health centre . . . .

In all, this blog is here for you, to inspire, to dream, to educate, to discover and for us to share our Island Life with you.

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We look forward to sharing this journey with you.