Vamizi Cradle of Coral Trailer

Posted on May 13, 2016

It took nearly two years to collect all those incredible film sequences, hundreds of dedicated hours of the visionary eye of film maker Matthias Klum and his fantastic team above and below water to capture the story of Vamizi: but the result is an incredibly fascinating and visually stunning film, well worth every second of waiting. 'Vamizi, Cradle of Coral' tells the story of our unspoilt and paradisical island whose survival hangs on a thin thread. It highlights why its reefs are so vital not only for the direct environment but also the far reaching implications for the entire East African coast and the global the marine ecosystem. For all those lucky individuals who had the pleasure of visiting Vamizi in particular - but for hopefully every viewer - it will be an inspiring 'goosebump ride' and will help us reach out to raise the levels of awareness much, much higher. Enjoy and anticipate the full movie showing somewhere near you very, very soon! Please keep checking our social media sites for screening times later this year. 

Please click here for the trailer: